This topic has 2 replies, 2 voices, and was last updated 11 years, 7 months ago by gavin. Many thanks indeed for all of that. I know for sure that you are definitely the go to guy for all of this stuff! I hope things are good for you right now. Below is a general introduction about Chinese herbal medicine. I have been doing research on this subject off and on for a couple years mostly because I try to find an easier way for all of you if you like the idea. Last decade,due to the advancement of manufacturing technique, Chinese herbal medicinal products are produced in the form of granules of most of the common individual herbs and combination formulas such as Huang Qin Tang.Therefore the old Chinese cooking method of herbal medicines will be reserved for the rare formulas that required special attention and ingredients. But buyers be aware, not all of the manufacturing processes are under strict guidelines for safety and storage concern.

3D Japanese DojoYou have to choose the ones that are creditable . I will look for those which are manufactured from Japan, Hong Kong , Taiwan or Singapore only. Ask your Japanese, Korean ,Chinese friends from Hong Kong, or Taiwan and help you search for the companies which have good reputation. Both formulas ( Huang Qin Tang and select Sun soup ) are derived from century old Chinese herbal medicine recipes and are very similar. 1 .Soak the ingredients with water for 15 min.and gently wash them to get rid of the impurities. 2. Use stainless steel or traditional Chinese clay pot cooking ware or better buy one called “herbal medicine electric cooking pot”; put all the items inside. 4.Repeat step 3 with half the amount of water,boil it for about 1 hr,then pour it out and mix with the first batch and drink it together.If you drank the first batch then you can save this in the evening and drink it no later than 5 or 6 pm.

5. If you buy the electric herbal cooking pot then just add enough water(usually 4-6cups of water,or add just enough water(and 1-2cm over) to cover all herbs and then some . Or drink the first batch of soup and reboil the ingredients with half of the water until it beeps and drink the second reboiled batch as above. If you take away the Hedyotis diffusa, the Rx will be close to Huang Qin Tang. 2 from the above and mung bean(Chinese called green bean)a handful and you will get the other recipe. Try to go to Chinatown to buy just a couple dollars of each ingredient to see how many doses you can come out of them after you mix them together.But be careful, remember all of the ingredients are pretty cheap and you should not pay too much for them.the most important thing is choose a good herbal store; bring an older Chinese or Koren or Japanese friend along with you so you will not be cheated about the ingredients .You can use the percentage method to make a big batch ,put it in the refrigerator and use it every other day;2-3 hours before or after meals or on your off days in treatment. The following web site may provide you additional knowledge but in no way indicated you should buy things from them. Click Chinese medicine for cancer tab on the left hand side to read more about liver cancer herb. By the way,this 1,800 year old Chinese herbal remedy Huang Qin Tang also mentioned by Richard Alleyne ,Science Correspondent of the Telegraph Media Group news on August 18,2010 . Finally,as always,it is your responsibility,patient or caretaker,to understand and use the information correctly.

Choose from a curated selection of car photos. Always free on Unsplash.My husband and I are interested to see how it will taste on pot roast and homemade cream of tomato soup. Make sure you let me know how you like it! I lost your email address! Wanted you to know I’m making pot roast in crockpot. 2 Tbs soy sauce, 2 tsp Magic Mushroom powder, 1 cup mirepoix, 2 bay leaves, 1 tsp thyme. I will let you know how it comes out later and try to include photo if you can resend me an email! Sounds divine, Sandy! Would love to see a photo. You can find my email on my contact page. I have only just bought a food processor so I am unsure of it’s capabilities. I made the mushroom powder tonight and it seemed to take a very long time to make. I don’t know where I went wrong? I used whole dried shiitake mushrooms, should I have used sliced? Should I leave the food processor going until all the ingredients are a fine powder?

When I started the process all the mushrooms stayed at the top of the mixture and I only seemed to make progress by pouring everything in a sieve, letting the powder go through, then putting the big bits back in the processor and blitzing again. I just kept repeating this process. Do you think I was too impatient and just need to let the processor do it’s thing? Sorry if my questions or comments seem stupid but as I said it’s my first time using a food processor. Thanks for any help offered or suggested. Yikes! This really shouldn’t be so complicated to make, Amanda. What kind of food processor did you buy, if I may ask? I have a Magimix 3200XL. I started in the main bowl then went to the mini bowl. Though I realised after looking at your pictures that I made the mistake of using unground Himalayan rock salt. Feel free to roll your eyes at my stupidity.