Your photography is gorgeous! May I ask what program you are using to insert the text? Thank you Vanessa! I use photoshop to add text. Is this magic mushroom powder going to send me on a mushroom trip? Like that it’s going to open my mind and expend my perceptions? I agree with you (and Michelle) mushroom powder is an indispensable tool in your kitchen arsenal. It can turn MEH food into YEAH food! HAHAHA! If you liked this article so you would like to acquire more info relating to homepage nicely visit our own internet site. So you too are a regular magic mushroom powder consumer, Mike? It does make everything so much YEAH-ER, doesn’t it? This sounds amazing, and like something that I would use every day! I bet I could even get it into a few recipes without my husband noticing (he has a deep fear & resentment of mushrooms). Off to my asian supermarket to get some good dried mushrooms STAT! Oh Sonia! Those shrooms look so goooood!

BaitBut seriously. I have been eyeing that recipe of Nom Noms for awhile and I am firmly convince that I MUST make it. I see no reason to not sprinkle this on some muffins.. LOL! Not sure the shroom/buttered pecan combo would work all that great. I think I’ll hold off on this one… Then again, I could be surprised. Hmmm… I have one muffin left. I wonder if perhaps… And YES! You really MUST make this. The sooner the better! Could you provide a few examples of dishes where you could use this ground powder? I see where I can use it in various soups… Anywhere you use salt and pepper, you can use this! Oh, wow! I will definitely make this! I’m fortunate to be able to get dried porcinis so I’ll use them. Thanks so much for this great tip! Thank goodness, I already found a way on how am I going to get rid of my shuttakis at home.

And It’s pretty great to see that it can actually be made as a flavor enhancer. I wonder how my dish is going to taste? Oh well, how would I know if I don’t give it a try. Thanks for sharing this! Sonia, this sounds so intriguing! I love dried mushrooms, and would be happy to incorporate in my meals on a more frequent basis. This method saves the soaking part (which often takes around an hour for shitake mushrooms). The thing I am wondering about is the part where I have always been told to filter the soaking liquid before use. Would this mean that possible sand and dirt could end up in the ground mixture? Or would you say it is not noticeable due to the kitchen machine work? On another topic, what is your thought on the origin of the dried shitake mushrooms? I have come across a few articles that described large amounts of toxins and lead on those coming from China.

To be honest, Eline, if there were sand and or dirt on the mushrooms, it sure would get pulverized in the food processor! I didn’t have an issue so far… As for the origin of the mushrooms, I’ve never heard of these things you mentioned… I oughta research that a bit! I was wondering if 2/3 cup is way to much salt, for no more than a little over a 1/4 cup mushrooms. Not really, Pat, seeing as how this is basically a flavored salt… Just wondering how spicy this is? Have young kids that may find it too spicy. Is it best to omit of just a pinch? It’s not spicy at all, but feel free to add less pepper flakes or omit if you prefer… I love this too. I made it a couple of weeks ago and now use it on everything. Especially good on chicken wings and BBQ whole chicken.

I can’t have nightshade vegetables, so I omitted the red pepper and added onion and garlic powder. I know what you mean about not liking certain herbs. While I love thyme, I have an aversion to dill and tarragon. I’m not really sure why I don’t like tarragon, I think it is the smell, as I actually don’t mind the taste. Mentally though, I find myself avoiding any recipe that contains it. Dill is a different story, I used to work in restaurants during the dill era (there was a time that almost everything contained or featured dill) and I had to make those recipes every day. Subconsciously, I grew to really dislike dill. Now that I have a blog of my own, I think it is time to get over it. Can regular or kosher salt be used instead? I found both dried shiitake and porcini at my local grocery store (Kroger) in the produce dept! Melissa’s brand. Going to make a batch this weekend and start trying it in everything!