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When I started SuperFeast in 2011 I was a massive health nerd. I was obsessed with optimising my health and spent my days practicing yoga, sun-gazing each morning, collecting all my water from a spring in the Blue Mountains (in a little Holden Barina), cleansing my organs and answering the ever-increasing number of health-related questions from my family, friends and colleagues. If you have any issues with regards to wherever and how to use webpage, you can make contact with us at our site. In my infinite quest for ultimate health, I came across medicinal mushrooms and the practice of Taoist tonic herbalism thanks to the likes of Christopher Hobbs, Ron Teeguarden, and others. I was swept away by the notion and art of layering in these super-ancient herbs into a lifestyle driven by an intent for longevity and a life full of health-infused happiness and freedom. During this time SuperFeast was born, and after a couple years of offering mainly superfoods and supplements through the business, I realised I needed to shift the focus to bringing the wonder of these tonic herbs to Australia.

I was spending every Sunday at the Frenches Forest markets in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and I was honouring an ever-increasing drive to help to deeply fortify the health of those who felt the pull to my stall and the conversations I was offering there. Folks would bring their heart-felt intent for health along with serious health issues that required dynamic action and herbalism, and I wanted to match the need they had and offer one of the things that truly helped to transform my health: tonic herbs. So as a herbal health nerd, swept up in the romance of tonic herbalism, with minimal experience in small business, I set about with my intent to offer medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs in Australia despite the fact that there was no one really doing it, I had no one to learn from, and it was a time when people would either laugh, guffaw or throw-up a little in their mouths when you told them to put a mushroom in their coffee.

At this point, the decision was laid out before me: wild-crafted or lab-grown mushrooms? Do I source from China or the USA? My intent was to provide access to the most amazing, high-quality, magical, potent upgrades in health for the mums, students, entrepreneurs, starving (and affluent) artists, families, friends and all types of customers that would come to my stall and land on my website. These values and my intent made that decision a no-brainer: get the herbs from where they’re grown in the elements and imbued with the adaptogenic qualities that nature demands of them. This is known as Dì Dào (地道) and is a super important core value for the SuperFeast philosophy. I should mention that another reason I started SuperFeast was that I wanted access to a never-ending supply of superfoods, and eventually, tonic herbs! Kind of like Willy Wonka’s factory, but for healthy stuff!

The apothecary I wanted to develop would represent an abundance of health in my life, and I was going to offer the herbs that I wanted to be taking and giving my family to the SuperFeast customers. So I set about testing as many herb sources I could find (powdered extracts mainly, as that is by far the most functional way to integrate herbs into a lifestyle, in my opinion, and there was no way raw mushrooms and herbs would be allowed into Australia without being irradiated, period). It was wonderful, this period of testing and self-experimentation. I was taking so many herbs from so many different places. I tried US organic lab grown, Chinese organic lab grown, dubious “wild sourced” herbs from China, Dì Dào (地道) (Di Tao) grown herbs from progressive folks in China and more. I’d been taking herbs for a while and knew what I wanted to feel from their chemical and nutrient matrix, and most were good, but I also knew the energetic signature I wanted to be feeling, and the more subtle experience of feeling the herbs enter passages of Qi when consumed.